At Kuhlabo, we are constantly engaging in business networking groups and communities. We consistently hear from business owners that they would like to improve their online visibility and rank higher on Google than their competition. While you can simply invest in Google AdWords to rank at the top of search results, you arguably have far more impact when your website organically ranks at the top of Google’s ad-free search results (where the eyes of most consumers land first).

You are likely familiar with the constantly-evolving and ever-shifting term SEO (search engine optimization), which takes multiple shapes and forms including technical, on-page and off-page. Neil Patel explains how to make every piece of your website content SEO friendly. Here’s the best part: Google will recognize if your website’s content is engaging to visitors.

Here’s one clear message about SEO that you can easily apply to your own website today: your content must be regularly updated and timely to be engaging. Think about it, we update our social media statuses regularly to contribute our opinions to conversations which interest us. Think of your online business as an extended social media platform that allows you space to further contribute to your specific community and invite your target clients or customers to consider your services in the same place!

Engaging does not necessarily mean loud and colourful. Engaging means that you clearly address the three most important elements of your business:

• What you offer is clear and concise (your expertise/services)
• Who can benefit from what you offer is clear (your target market)
• Who has benefited from what you offer (your success story/testimonials)

The more engaging your content, the longer your visitors will spend on your website and learn about your expertise, market and success story, but more importantly: contact you for your services!

When a potential client approaches us with a problem they are facing on their company website, we first determine whether they have an existing landing page to generate leads and conversions on their website. While Google Analytics and other analytical tools will track traffic and key search terms for your website, we strongly advise our clients to capture emails of their visitors based on their needs. Kuhlabo offer various marketing and social media tools that can be integrated into your website to help you better resonate with your target clients and turn visitors into leads! Contact us for a free consultation.

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