I first discovered my passion for web design in Ottawa during my first year at Algonquin College in 2007. I was just starting the Interactive Multimedia Developer program, nervous and excited about what the course had to offer I was eager to soak in all of the information I could.

We started off with the basics of Photoshop, Photography, Social Media, Video and Audio. We then slowly progressed into more technical lessons, this is when I was introduced to the wonderful world of web. I loved it. I always wanted to know how a website was built, it all seemed like mysterious wizardry to me. I caught on quickly to HTML, then graduated to CSS and slowly transitioned into Javascript. It was challenging, but a challenge that I enjoyed.

As a child I was always interested in building things, I would constantly be creating things from my massive bucket of Construx. Yes Construx, remember those things?

LOL, so good, and so nerdy.

Anyway, fast-forward to 3rd semester and I was faced with the challenge to build my first WordPress theme. Challenge accepted! I hacked together my first theme with what PHP knowledge I had and began to see the benefits that WordPress had to offer. I was hooked. I’ve been building sites with WordPress ever since.

Fast-forward again to 2009, my fiancé and I both graduate from Algonquin and decided to move to the big city of Toronto to pursue our careers, hers in Public Relations and mine in Web Design and Development. She landed a great job working for Sony and I was hired at LCBO to work on all things web. During my time at LCBO I introduced them to WordPress as a solution for many projects including a contest they were holding to improve Whisky sales. The site was a huge success and whisky sales went up 33 per cent.

I moved around quite a bit in Toronto working with multiple agencies on multiple contracts. During my time in the city I had the pleasure of working on projects for clients like Hudson’s Bay, Levi’s, and Guinness to name a few. The Hudson’s Bay and Guinness projects were two more built using WordPress and have been a success for those companies.

Everything was great for the duration of our time in Toronto, we both absorbed as much knowledge and experience as we could working for various companies. We then decided in early 2014 that the city had given us all that it could offer, and made the move back home to Ottawa.

Ottawa is a fantastic city to live in, we couldn’t be happier to be back. We hope to bring our combined knowledge and expertise back home to provide the best service we can offer for Ottawa’s businesses.

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