What is Responsive Design?

Responsive web design (RWD) is a technique applied by web designers and developers using modern best practices. This technique has transcended the status of a trend and has become a crucial component of modern web design, allowing the layout of your website to adapt to various screen sizes across mobile devices used by your visitors. To get a better visual understanding of what responsive web design is, the Media Queries website shows some great examples.

At Kuhlabo, we view responsive design not as a feature, but as a requirement for each website we build. And we aren’t the only company who sees the value in responsive web design.

Responsive Design

Why You Need Responsive Design

Google has implemented “mobile friendly” labels in their search results telling users if your site is optimized for their mobile devices. This new addition indicates that Google takes mobile browsing very seriously and that there may be ranking penalties if your website does not comply. You can test your website by heading over to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test page and entering your URL.

For example:


It often surprises website owners when they review their web analytics and realize how much of their traffic is coming from mobile devices. The number can be staggering — we’ve seen numbers as high as 80% of new visitors browsing via mobile devices.

With a proper mobile design you are more likely to keep your website visitors engaged and rank better in Google’s search results. Responsive design should be well thought-out and planned during the design process of your website. If your current website does not implement responsive design, a skilled developer can adjust your site to comply with today’s mobile standards. However, a complete redesign may be more beneficial depending on the quality of your site and which techniques your previous website developer used to build it.

Test your website with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test by entering your URL. Looking to improve your mobile community’s user experience? We can help. Start a project with us.

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