Your LinkedIn profile can help you achieve success in your business, whether seen by potential clients, employees, partners or investors. Follow these 14 ways to leverage LinkedIn for your business. If you have any questions, contact Christina:

1) Customize your Public Profile URL

Make your personal profile more professional and much easier to share by customizing your LinkedIn public profile URL. For example:

Sign into your account, then customize your URL by modifying your public profile URL on the right-hand side.

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2) Add LinkedIn Profile and Background Photos to your Profile

First, make sure your profile photo reflects your professionalism. Second, give your LinkedIn profile more personality by adding a background photo that reflects your brand.

To add a background photo to your profile, click Profile > Edit Profile in LinkedIn’s top navigation, then click Add a background photo at the top of your page (or modify an existing background photo by hovering over it and clicking Change Image). Cover photo must be a JPEG, PNG, or GIF file under 8MG in size with resolution of 1400 x 425 pixels. 

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3) Include Contact Details in Your LinkedIn Profile Summary

Important: People outside your LinkedIn network can’t see your contact details so make sure to put them in your summary. Consider this layout of your professional summary:

WHAT I DO: My company Kuhlabo helps associations, non-profits, SMEs and corporations establish their web presence by engaging target communities to generate quality leads. We provide technical expertise and strategic communications and marketing support to transform your target clients into your brand ambassadors.

WHO I WORK WITH: We partner with Senior Communications Managers/Directors, Executive Directors, Company Executives and Digital Marketing Agencies including:

* Senior Managers/Directors/VPs: Communications & Marketing, Corporations (Sony)
* Executive Directors: Non-Profits, Associations, Charities (Make-A-Wish Eastern Ontario)
* Presidents, Business Owners: SMEs (Professional Business Coaches, Financial Advisors)
* Board of Directors and Event Coordinators: Professional Networking Organizations (BNI, WOW, CPRS)
* Digital Marketing Agencies for Millennial Engagement (Art Gallery Ontario, IBM)

WHY IT WORKS: When you partner with Kuhlabo, your website transforms into a robust online business and marketing platform for engaging your target community. Associations, non-profits, SMEs and corporations need to engage millennials (who will represent 75% of the workforce by 2025 according to Forbes) and leverage their brands to generate quality leads and be visible on Google to grow revenue.

WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: Full-circle web design and marketing expertise provides the most value in offering the efficient, effective and quality support you need to take your web presence to the next level.

HOW IT WORKS: We start with a free consultation to determine your current website challenges followed by determining needs and goals for your organization or business.

READY TO TALK? Feel free to connect with me here on LinkedIn, drop me a line at, visit Kuhlabo ►

4) Search Engine Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

You can optimize your profile to be found by people searching LinkedIn for key terms. Add keywords to various sections of your profile such as your headline or in your summary.

For example: Web Designer, Accountant, Financial Advisor, Real Estate Agent.

 5) Show Your Portfolio Pieces

LinkedIn allows you to add a variety of media such as videos, images, documents, links, and presentations to the SummaryEducation, and Experience sections of your LinkedIn profile. This enables you to showcase various projects, provide samples of your work and better optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Make-A-Wish6) Get Endorsed for your Skills

Back in 2012, LinkedIn launched a feature called Endorsements, which enables users to endorse their connections for skills they’ve listed in the Skills section of their profile — or recommend ones they haven’t yet listed.

These endorsements then show up on your profile within that same Skills section, see screenshot below. Just make sure your profile is complete and you’ve spent the time to list the skills you want your contacts to endorse you for. It will definitely give your profile a bit of a credibility boost.

Christina Devine

7) Get Recommendations from your Clients and Colleagues

Best practices for asking someone to write a recommendation for you are after you write their recommendation. Tip: Ask for recommendations after your client is especially happy with your work or results achieved from your services.

Christina Devine8) Be Identifiable

Allow others to see who you are if you view their profile. To enable this, visit your Settings (click your thumbnail image in the top right and click Manage next to Privacy & Settings) and click Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile under Profile >> Privacy Controls. Make sure you check off the Your name and headline (Recommended) option.

Identify9) Share your Network Updates 

Network Updates are LinkedIn’s version of the Facebook News Feed. Check this feed periodically for a quick snapshot of what your connections are up to and sharing, or share updates of your own, such as interesting content related to your industry or content you’ve created yourself. You can sort by Top Updates or Recent Updates to filter your feed.


10) See who’s viewed your LinkedIn Profile

To have access to this feature, you must make yourself identifiable (see previous step).

In addition to seeing Who’s Viewed Your Profile, you can see how you compare to profile views for your connections and professionals similar to you. This is helpful for gauging which industries and professionals are seeking your skills, expertise and services.

Christina Devine11) Export your Connections for Follow Up Management

Transfer your LinkedIn connections to a contact management system by exporting your connections. Click Connections in LinkedIn’s top navigation, click the settings gear icon on the top right, and click Export LinkedIn Connections under Advanced Settings on the right.

You can also sync all your Gmail and Google contacts to show in your LinkedIn connections. 


12) Find New Connections, Reconnect with People in your Network

Speaking of connections, the Connections tab in the top navigation offers a variety of other tools to grow and connect with contacts in your professional network.

Click Add Connections in the drop-down menu to import contacts from your email accounts and get suggestions for other connections, connect with other alumni from your alma mater using the Find Alumni feature to stay in touch with current connections, keep track of your communications, and get notifications when contacts in your network change jobs.


13) Take Advantage of Advanced Search Options

LinkedIn’s Advanced Search feature provides a much richer search experience. For example, say you want to find out if you’re connected to anyone who works at a specific company.

Type the company name in the company field in Advanced Search, then filter the results by “Relationship” to see if you have any first- or second-degree connections to any employees.


14) Leverage LinkedIn Groups

If you’re a member of the same group as another user, you can bypass the need to be a first-degree connection and message them directly. Group members can view profiles of other members of the same group without being connected. Join groups to enable more messaging and profile viewing capabilities.


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