The web is constantly evolving and it’s necessary to keep your website current and easily manageable. It’s also important to facilitate communication with potential customers and visitors. WordPress is one of the most reliable content management systems available that addresses these needs.

Website developers around the world are constantly contributing to WordPress updates, allowing it to continually improve. These updates happen periodically, enhancing WordPress functionality and security.

Trusted by notable users including Forbes, eBay, and CNN, 74.6 Million Sites in the world depend on WordPress.

Here are 10 reasons how WordPress benefits business:

  1. Ease of use WordPress is easy to use with an intuitive interface. Adding new pages, blog posts and images can be done quickly. With this technology, time spent on formatting is greatly reduced.
  2. Manage your website from any computer or modern mobile device WordPress is browser-based, allowing you to login from any web-connected computer or device to manage content on your site.
  3. No HTML editing or FTP software required for content creation WordPress is a self-contained system which allows you to create new pages or blog posts, format text, upload and edit images and documents, video files and image galleries without using additional software.
  4. Search engines love WordPress The code behind WordPress is clean, making it easy for search engines to read and index your site’s content. Each page, post and image can have its own meta tag keywords, description and title to be optimized for specific keywords, allowing for precise search engine optimization. WordPress creates clean URLs for your webpages so they are more sharable. Short and meaningful, they are more pleasing to the eye and more likely to be shared across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and email. Sharing and linking allows your site to be more visible in Google, helping search rankings and increasing quality traffic to your site – converting visitors to customers.
  5. Control your website You have control of nearly all aspects of your site and can make simple updates yourself.
  6. The design of your website is 100% customizable WordPress acts as the engine for your website. The look and feel is 100% customized so that your brand can shine through, providing a unique experience for your visitors.
  7. Blog is built-in and ready to go WordPress was originally created as a blogging platform, therefore blog capabilities are built-in. For those businesses that are engaged in content marketing, a blog is essential.
  8. Extend the functionality of your website with plugins There are thousands of plugins available to enhance your WordPress site. A plugin is simply a piece of code that is installed into WordPress that enables a specific feature in your site. A few examples of plugins are an event calendar, image gallery, Twitter Feed or Facebook Fan Box.
  9. Your website grows as your business grows WordPress sites are scalable – you can have thousands of pages or blog posts on your site and performance will not be compromised.
  10. Multiple users can have access to your website As a site administrator, you can set up multiple users who can access your site with exclusive capabilities, which vary depending on their user role.

Kuhlabo websites are all built using WordPress for these reasons and more.

Experience all of the benefits that WordPress has to offer, start a project with us.

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